unsure how many boxes you need?

Use the box guide to figure out how many you need to pack up for your move. With a wide selection of boxes and supplies to choose from, MOVE RIGHT NOW! offers everything you need to pack for your upcoming move. Our high-quality moving boxes are perfect for multiple uses, and even for long-term storage.

re-using moving boxes

Move It Now boxes are perfect to re-use! Whether you donate them to friends or family. Or save them around the house for extra storage

SMALL BOX Pack heavy items such as books, records, tools, and files. Remember the heavier the items, the smaller the box. 16"x12"x12" $1.50
MEDIUM BOX This box is ideal for shoes, purses, pots, pans, food, or toys. 18"x18"x16" $2.50
LARGE BOX Large boxes are perfect for bigger, lighter items such as lampshades, bulky blankets, or towels. 18"x18"x24" $3.50
DISH BARREL These are heavy-duty boxes designed for china and glassware, keeping them safe during a move. 18"x18"x28" $6.25
WARDROBE BOX W/ BAR These handy boxes allow you to hang clothing in them, straight from your closet. 24"x21"x46" $15.00
LARGE MIRROR BOX These are four-piece, adjustable boxes used for packing flat items. 30"x40" $6.00
TAPE Packing tape is used to secure all contents within boxes during a move. $2.00
PACKING PAPER - 10LB This is used to wrap everyday items for protection from scratching and can be used as a cushion in boxes. 10LB $13.00
BUBBLE WRAP - SMALL ROLL Ideal for smaller, fragile items. 30 Sq ft. $8.50
MATTRESS PROTECTOR - Heavy-duty, clear poly bags to protect mattresses during a move. Twin/Full $6.25
Queen $7.25
King $8.25
MOVING PADS These are quilted pads to protect furniture. 72"x100" $20.00
*Prices are subject to change and may not reflect taxes. Additional boxes may be available for purchase.*